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Located on the border with the United States on one of the busiest commercial waterways in the world, the Arch is a symbol of Windsor and Detroit's economic and cultural relationship.
Ambassador Bridge
A New Landmark
The Arch has a landmark presence—its geometry lifted from the existing curving bay of the belvedere at Reaume Park. It creates a new landmark for the park with an innovative water feature, showcasing Windsor as a city of innovation much in the same way that the original Peace Fountain did when it opened 43 years ago.
Landmark render
sunset ver rendering
The Arch is a 98m long, 14m tall steel arch spanning above the bay at Reaume Park. It houses 85 nozzles high above the water and can remain in place in winter. This creates many unique opportunities to create an innovative fountain with a variety of waterflow concepts.
arch sketch 2
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waterflow render
Fountain Design
The Arch is designed for 360 degrees of waterflow, with a throw of up to 15m. The location of the nozzles has been calibrated to ensure water only throws into the bay. Sensors would constantly measure wind speed and direction and adjust the water pressure and nozzle activations as necessary to reduce water spray onto the belvedere. The Arch's 85 nozzles are each designed to rotate through 180 degrees, with lighting attached to its head to follow the waterflow.
structure mockup1structure mockup2
A box truss will form the underlying structure of the arch. To withstand the wind loads coming off the Detroit River, the arch is widened at its base for additional stability while maintaining an elegant structure at the middle. The steel arch will be supported by a concrete structure which will also facilitate the technical services rooms at each end of the arch.
Designed and Built in Ontario
​​Integrated Fountain Lighting
Each fountain nozzle would include integrated lighting that follows the path of the waterflow. Both nozzles and lighting are fully programmable with DMX controls.

​​Land-based Lighting
Mechanized multifunction lighting instruments located around the perimeter of the bay will augment the fountain show with additional layers of color, materiality, and texture.

​​Arch-based Lighting
Lighting would be incorporated on the arch itself, such as continuous LED strip lighting, as well as lighting mounted under the arch to allow the structure to have a strong presence at night. ​​
fountain lighting
Outdoor Comfort
The site receives plenty of direct sunlight during sunny winter and midseason days which increases outdoor comfort. In the summer, spray from the fountain in show-mode will provide some thermal comfort. The fountain may cover a larger area with mist than the other options, potentially favoring the southwest due to dominant wind directions. Wind will also contribute to outdoor comfort in the summer.
outdoor confort 1outdoor confort 2
waterflow programming render
INTERACTIVE MODDE - Visitor presence is detected and the fountain would ‘acknowledge’ their presence by sending a water stream to that location.

IDLE MODE - When nobody is around, a pre-programed sequence will animate the space using simple nozzles to reduce energy use and wear-and-tear on the fountain equipment.

MAGICAL MOMENT - At specific times of day a more elaborate activation will take place with memorable music and fountain shows. Different versions can alternate to renew the visitor's interest.
arch final render